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What does "Nonni Volanti" stand for and what we do

Nonni Volanti stands for something like "The Flying Grandparents" (we would be very pleased if someone could suggest us a cool English version for our battle name).


We are a volleyball team established four years ago in Genoa, Italy, from a core of keen players who knew each other in their youth while playing at a decent level and met again more than 25 years later in fortuitous circumstances


From our name (and the photos in our site) you can guess that we are not exactly a bunch of youngsters : actually average age is just above 50



With time, numbers and amusement crept up until this year, when we decided to re-enter the fray and partecipate to the official competitions at a Provincial (County in the UK, i guess) level.


Problem is, that everybody not playing in the full FIPAV (italian branch of FIVB) tourmaments plays in the same cauldron so we had a very tough year fighting with people on average 15 - 20 years younger than us.


But we kept the faith, fought back and had some decent results. And lots of fun.


Now we are trying to set up an assault team, together with some other players we met this year, in order to participate to the SOVT 2013 event in May.


Hope to see everybody in May in Perth



Clicca sul pulsante per accedere alle centinaia di foto dei Nonni Volanti postate su Flickr

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